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Schedule a Tour

Visit us on our Facebook page and schedule a tour by clicking BOOK NOW.  We schedule our tours in the morning (9 am to 4 pm - Monday through Friday), allowing you to observe how our Home Daycare works by allowing your child to interact with our kids. Mrs. Greene will lead the tour, providing an overview of our structured approach that helps your child to learn and have fun. 

Enrollment Process

Once the tour is finished, a suitable spot is available, and both parties are in agreement that this may be a good match for everyone involved.

  1. You will then submit your application and all necessary enrollment forms,  

  2. Including your Child's Immunization Records to complete the application process.

  3. Up-to-date guardian/parent Photo ID.

  4. $40.00 registration Fee (Annually).

  5. and a one-time $40.00 Car Seat Usage Fee.

(You must be the legal guardian/parent of the child you are enrolling or guardian of a child placed in your safe care.)

Check out our Facebook page to see our daily activities and the field trips we have gone on throughout the years. 

Toddler eating breakfast on Field Trip
Toddler opening Toys
Young Toddler during Lunch Time
Young Toddler eating outdoors
Young Toddler eating Lunch outdoor
Toddler eating Lunch Outdoor
Toddler Outdoor on Slide
Infant during Tummy Time
Toddler Riding Toy Car
Toddler during Center Time 2
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